Financing Available

Financing Available
Financing Available
Financing Programs
Free Reduced Interest Rates

Offer any approved customer a FREE reduced interest rate. The reduced rate is in effect for the entire contract term and may be combined with other promos, such as SAC, DEFSAC and DEF promotions.

Deferred Payments (DEFPMT)

The first payment is deferred 3 months. Interest accrues from day one and is not waived at any point during the contract term.

Same-As-Cash with Payments (SAC)

No interest if the amount financed is paid in full before the end of the promotion period. Minimum payments are due monthly beginning 1 month from substantial project completion.

Equal Payments (EQLPMT)

The amount financed is broken into equal monthly payments at 0% interest. Available for installment contracts only.

Same-As-Cash with Deferred Payments (DEFSAC)

No interest if the amount financed is paid in full in the promotion period. Monthly payments begin 6 or 12 months from substantial project completion.

No Payments- No Interest (NOP)

No payments required and no interest accrues during the promotional period. 6-month and 12-month options available.


Customer payments are reduced to only half of the monthly payment for the first year. Available for revolving contracts only.

* Fees will vary. All promotions are subject to credit approval and dealer participation.

$200 off any repair over $2,000
$500 off any New Roof over $10,000

New repairs and new roofs only. Discount given at time of contract only. Not to be combined with any other offers.

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